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Bringing the Urban Farm to Your Home

IT'S Mushroom Growing

IT'S Blue Oyster Mushroom

Explore our diverse array of mushroom varieties, each with its unique flavor profile and health benefits, and embark on a culinary adventure that starts right in your home. Our Sterilized Substrate Bags are your ticket to growing premium-quality mushrooms right in your own space. With these simple yet effective bags, you can embark on a mushroom cultivation journey that's easy, convenient, and incredibly rewarding.

IT'S Mushroom Bags

Introduction to IT'S Mushroom Fruiting Bags 

Our substrate mixes are carefully crafted to suit a variety of mushroom species, then inoculated with our select IT’s Mushroom mycology cultures that create the ideal environment to cultivate your mushrooms. 

Materials needed

  • Water + spray bottle

  • Safety gloves 

  • Box cutter


  • Approximately cut an even "X" 3 inches long

  • Mist daily 

  • Watch mushrooms grow

  • Enjoy! 

IT'S Lions Mane

Best Practices for Success

At our urban farm, we've honed our methods to perfection, and we recommend following a few best practices to ensure your mushroom cultivation thrives. Clean hands and latex or nitrile gloves are always a good idea to minimize the introduction of contaminants.

Preparing for Success

After you receive your IT'S Mushrooms kit, carefully remove the sterilized substrate bag, check to see that inside is intact. Sometimes they're squeezed in transit and break apart - no worries! Gently press the bag together and allow it a few extra days to recover before you start the cultivation process.

IT’S Mycelium 

That fuzzy, white substance growing inside your bag is not mold—it's mycelium! Mycelium is the vegetative form of a mushroom, and its appearance can vary depending on the species you're cultivating. It's a sign that your mushroom cultivation adventure is well underway. 

Humidity Control

For those residing in dry or arid climates, maintaining proper humidity levels is crucial. Consider covering your bag with a humidity tent. Mist the bag daily to create an ideal microclimate. Once you spot baby mushrooms forming (a stage known as pinning), you can remove the bag and continue misting the substrate.

Essential Growing Tips


Keep your substrate adequately moist with regular spraying. Add a humidity tent if needed, especially in drier conditions.

Air Flow

Ensure that your mushrooms receive enough oxygen by providing proper ventilation through the humidity tent or by placing the bag in an area with fresh air.

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