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A Journey into Mycology

As we journey into the fascinating world of mushrooms and mycelium, we invite you to explore further, ask questions, and deepen your understanding. Join us in nurturing a newfound appreciation for mushrooms and mycology—the foundation of our urban farm's mission to cultivate knowledge, health, and sustainability.

Mycology 101

Whether you're a beginner or have some prior knowledge, our Mycology 101 serves as your road map to delve into the world of these unique organisms. It also provides an introduction to what you can anticipate when embracing urban farming at home. Let's get familiar with some key terms.

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Key Terms 

Liquid Culture 

Imagine mycelium, the vegetative part of fungi, thriving and growing in a liquid medium. Liquid culture is an essential method in mushroom cultivation.

Mushroom Fruiting Bags 

Specifically designed for growing mushrooms, these bags come in various sizes to accommodate different mushroom species and growth requirements.


The heart of our mycology journey, mycelium is the vegetative part of fungi that grows underground or in substrate, consisting of fine white filaments.


These are the tiny reproductive units that mushrooms release into the air. They play a crucial role in the mushroom life cycle by allowing mushrooms to reproduce.


Any material on which mushrooms can grow is referred to as a substrate. It serves as the nurturing ground for mycelium to thrive.

Tissue Culture

This technique is used to bring edible mushrooms to a pure culture, ensuring that the mushroom fungus can be further used to prepare spawn.


Understanding the role of mycelium in the mushroom life cycle is essential. Mushrooms, similar to plants, have a three-stage life cycle. Mycelium is the primary and longest-living part of this organism. It's the highly dynamic stage, serving as the foundational "plant" portion of the mushroom. The fruit body, which releases spores for reproduction, is the temporary "flowering" phase

Mushroom life cycle

Impact on

Mycelium isn't just beneficial for ecosystems; it also plays a crucial role in supporting the health, vitality, and immune response of the fungal organism itself. It extends its support to the surrounding ecosystem. Scientific research, targeted studies, and holistic treatment plans demonstrate that when harnessed in the form of supplements or incorporated into diets, human beings also benefit from the significant health-supporting power of mushroom mycelium. 

Explore the incredible health benefits mushrooms offer, including regulation of blood sugar and reduction of high blood pressure. They are known to promote healthy energy levels, combat fatigue, and help prevent excess blood lipid accumulation. They protect heart, liver, and kidney health, slowing the process of biological aging, and reducing sodium intake to support a healthier lifestyle. Join us on a journey of flavor and vitality.

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